cohort_flow_chart a Searched for all records in: Web of Science Core Collection                       For research article, review, book or book chapter that contains in title or abstract any of the terrms: resurgence, evasion, escape AND any of the terms: virus, viral AND the string: vaccin* .                       Total records retrieved N =2682 b Removed records that met one or more the following conditions: same corresponding author,  topic not relevant by hand-inspection, no email. Total records removed N = 893 a->b c Included records: N = 1798 a->c d Identified the corresponding author, and retrieved their emails when available: N = 1798 c->d e Currently invited authors: N = 1002 d->e f Undelivered emails: N = 190 e->f g Net number invited authors: N = 812 e->g

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